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Download an image, get your local photographic printing service  to print it, or print it yourself. This way you have total control over size and paper, no international postal charges. Maybe you want to use the image as a screensaver or on your website, or simply support this venture.

Welcome to I have been running for the last sixteen months. As a result of the great interest in the blog and because of many requests from people worldwide for images, I now have set up this website. Sit back relax and enjoy a journey through beautiful places.

The work you see here represents about 9,000km of walking in Spain and France plus many more kilometers on my home turf in Ireland.

You can download a high resolution image instantly, pay a selected amount .

Even though I use the name Caminogalllery not all of the images will be from Camino routes. Some will be from the Pyrénées, the Alps and many from where I live, but I hope that they will all have “the spirit” of the Camino. They will be images that you can reflect on, as well as images of the Camino that will bring back memories to you.

To view the photographs go to galleries. Currently there are four main Albums/Areas. Within these Albums you find individual galleries. 

If you would like to know what the Camino is about, then I have a Camino de Santiago tab on the site header. There you will  get information about the Camino and links to other sites.


Once downloaded you can then get the image printed yourself, this puts full control in your hands in relation to size and paper type - quality. You can even get them printed on Canvas or Aluminum. This means there are no post and packaging costs.

They would also make an excellent screen saver and you could change this as often as you like. Great memories.

Business and website uses. Print media uses.

This website from the outset will be based on trust. I will continue to develop this site, and to take many more images.

There will be more Camino routes to walk and photograph. Together built on trust we can make this site grow.

Here is a short three and half minute video I put together of photographs from different Camino routes.